Tuning OpenBSD for desktop usage

Over the past years, there has been a major increase in OpenBSD desktop users. No wonder, as the operating system offers a clean 'n mean base for the ultimate workflow. Don't worry about entertainment options, there is even a community dedicated to gaming on OpenBSD. There are some neat tweaks, to tune the performance of OpenBSD for desktop usage that I'd like to share.

NextCloud on OpenBSD - updated

NextCloud and OpenBSD are complimentary to one another. NextCloud is an awesome, secure and private alternative for propietary platforms, whereas OpenBSD forms the most secure and solid foundation to serve it on. Setting it up in the best way isn't hard, especially using this step by step tutorial.

Welcome to my new blog

Hi! First and foremost, thank you sincerely for visiting my blog. It is a true honor to have you here. If you are new here, feel free to stumble around. I've written a short introduction to whom I am and the hardware I have in my homelab for some nice and sweet geeking out. However, if you are a returning visitor, you might have noticed some things changed.

Upgrade OpenBSD to 6.3

If you are currently using OpenBSD 6.2 or 6.3 and if you are contemplating upgrading to the most recent release: good news, it’s peanuts. Read the FAQ, backup your data and start with a few simple steps to upgrade your release by using the internet.