NextCloud on OpenBSD

NextCloud is an awesome, secure and private alternative for proprietary platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive. Installing NextCloud can be achieved easily with pkg_add nextcloud - but I'd like to do it manually to benefit performance and stability.

Upgrade OpenBSD to 6.3

If you are currently using OpenBSD 6.2 or 6.3 and if you are contemplating upgrading to the most recent release: good news, it’s peanuts. Read the FAQ, backup your data and start with a few simple steps to upgrade your release by using the internet.


When the internet was founded, many years ago, it had a clear and decentralized setup. Designed as a communication and collaboration platform, it didn’t have a sole owner. In the course of more recent year, the design has shifted to a more centralized architecture, where CloudFlare, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Google are becoming the vital factors.

How I fell in love with OpenBSD

I love open source. Opposed to proprietary software, open source software is extendable, auditable and customizeable. Often, it is the result of hard labor and effort by hundreds or thousand of enthusiastic, passionate developers collaborating on an idea or shared goal. Together, they make the world a better place, bit by bit.