Google FLoC

The evil empire known as Google is experimenting with yet another clusterfuck of a technology, known as FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) - which is basically a technique to track visitors on the web, without the requirement of cookies. The Electronic Frontier Foundation explains pretty well why...

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Skype on OpenBSD

Albeit having a strong preference for Jitsi Meet, I had to get Skype working on OpenBSD to meet online with a client. Due to some strange, borderline-psychotic logic, Skype Web doesn't support audio or video calls out of the box on 'unsupported systems'. After some online searching, multiple sources...

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NextCloud on OpenBSD

NextCloud and OpenBSD are complimentary to one another. NextCloud is an awesome, secure and private alternative for propietary platforms, whereas OpenBSD forms the most secure and solid foundation to serve it on. Setting it up in the best way isn’t hard, especially using this step by step tutorial.


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Confirming new PGP/GPG key

Confirming my new PGP/GPG key.

Key ID: 799195231619E0A9
Fingerprint: 3045 C049 5456 9B44 148E 874E 7991 9523 1619 E0A9
Armored key: https://h3artbl33d.nl/pubkey.asc

Also confirmed on Mastodon and Twitter.

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Invidious is a fantastic proxy app for Youtube - but it is a fairly complex thing from a technical perspective. Fortunately, there is an alternative, called CloudTube

I am running a hosted version on JouwBuis.nl - feel free to use it, try it and if you are feeling adventurous, setup your own instance.