EuroBSDcon 2022

I feel a bit ashamed to admit that, despite using OpenBSD on a daily basis for nearly twenty years, I have never attended EuroBSDcon. Fortunately, there is a first time for everything - I went to EuroBSDcon 2022 in Vienna.

Because of environmental reasons (and the airport being nothing short of a...

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Despite being an older piece, I'd like to recommend this longread on Brian Acton and how he, as a former WhatsApp founder, gave the middle finger to Facebook. Thank you so much, Brian, for making the better choice and to protect the human rights of others!

How I fell in love with OpenBSD

EDIT: this is actually a repost of a blogpiece I've published years back but got lost over time

I love open source. Opposed to proprietary software, open source software is extendable, auditable and customizeable. Often, it is the result of hard labor and effort by hundreds or thousand of enthusi...

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Google FLoC

The evil empire known as Google is experimenting with yet another clusterfuck of a technology, known as FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) - which is basically a technique to track visitors on the web, without the requirement of cookies. The Electronic Frontier Foundation explains pretty well why...

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Skype on OpenBSD

Albeit having a strong preference for Jitsi Meet, I had to get Skype working on OpenBSD to meet online with a client. Due to some strange, borderline-psychotic logic, Skype Web doesn't support audio or video calls out of the box on 'unsupported systems'. After some online searching, multiple sources...

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