Security and privacy activist

OpenBSD tattoo

About me

Ugh, I always struggle to write a text about myself. But hey, I’ll give it a shot: Unix system administrator during the day, hacker by night. Dutch nationality, mid-30s, addicted to coffee, stroopwafels and philosophy. I (deeply) value ethics, human rights and respect.


I primary use OpenBSD, which has been my daily driver for over 15 years. And yes, the tattoo pictured above is mine - the OpenBSD mascot. The second favorite is HardenedBSD, which keeps my data safe with ZFS. Whenever I am not using my computer actively, I slack and learn through some of the awesome talks at CCC media, read a book, watch a show (Mr. Robot FTW), meet with friends, spend some time outside or work out.


In the modern era, values like privacy and freedom are under constant attack. I am hugely opposed to this and try to help out wherever I can for a more humane world. I am a core member of SecBSD and I am currently creating an anonymous and free to use platform called Kubriks.

Contact me

Feel free to send me a mail (pgp key) or follow me on Mastodon. I am not on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ or whatever toxic and centralized platforms youngsters use these days.