Welcome to my new blog

Hi! First and foremost, thank you sincerely for visiting my blog. It is a true honor to have you here. If you are new here, feel free to stumble around. I've written a short introduction to whom I am and the hardware I have in my homelab for some nice and sweet geeking out. However, if you are a returning visitor, you might have noticed some things changed.

Very recently, I gave my blog a complete and well-deserved makeover. I traded the ever-awesome ssg (which I continue to hold and love deerly) in favor of the flat-file and lightweight Bludit. There are a couple of reasons for this switch:

  • I found that being able to write content - no matter where I am or what device I am using - important. Having the ability to do so without installing a Markdown editor is a plus. Being able to preview the output is another plus.
  • SSG is written according to the suckless principles. Very bluntly put, as minimalistic as possible. I tend to communicate in a graphic manner; using images and extensive stylesheets goes against these principles in my eyes.
  • For some websites on this server, I had to install PHP. Thus, switching to Bludit didn't came with additional requirements and/or dependencies. They were already in place.

As the base for my Bludit blog, I choose Editorial as the template. It's a rather sweet theme, responsive and not as bloated as your average WordPress theme. Even more so, it respects every resolution. There has been an ongoing development that favors mobile resolutions in favor of desktop resolutions - of which I am an opponent. Every resolution and format should be respected, no matter whether we are talking 480x640 or 2560x1440. No matter how awesome Editorial is, I did some customizations:

  • Removed the dependency on the inbuilt Font Awesome 4.x, switched it to Font Awesome 5.x in the theme directory itself. This benefits the usage of icons and allows me to have the sweet Mastodon icon in the header.
  • Removed the font inclusion through Google Fonts and switched the font source to be local. Hence, no external resources.
  • Changed the sidebar to be collapsed by default.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs, including the sidebar refusing to collapse on certain conditions (as where the case with the NextCloud tutorial - thank you Adam for the bug report).
  • Changed the copyright to a copyleft for the website itself.

I hope you like my revamped blog - feel free to hit me up wherever you can find me. Oh and before I forget - I don't collect statistics or your personal data/browsing habits. Though, for the time being, I enabled the server logs for h3artbl33d.nl - in order to spot errors and/or bugs.