avatarPerhaps we've met online. If we didn't, nice to meet you! I am a 30-ish year old Dutchie, named Jeroen. I am better known by my online nickname, h3artbl33d. In my daily life, I work as an entrepreneur and freelancer, in the infosec branch. I care a great deal about security, privacy and psychology - especially a combination of those three. I like to share my knowledge and views on these topics, in the hope they offer insight, sparkle interest and indulge your curiosity.

Furthermore, I am an OpenBSD user. Heck, I even have the mascotte tattoo'ed on my right upper arm. If you are interested in the backstory of that, I have written it down for you to read. If I am not geeking out (which is, most of the time), I live together with three women. One being my fiancée, the other two being our cat and dog. Amongst my hobbies: reading, spending time with loved ones, taking a hike or working out. Oh and like many of you: I am seriously addicted to caffeine and TV shows.

To my dismay: I have Twitter - but I strongly prefer Mastodon. The two can hardly be compared. Twitter is full of trolls, negativity, whereas Mastodon is a platform that sparks positive conversations, interest in fellow users and creativity. And Mastodon being more decentralized is a huge upside as well. Also, feel free to reach out via e-mail at hello@h3b.nl.


I am a huge proponent of doing everything to maintain your and my privacy. I do not collect your data, browsing habits and tend to decentralize as much as possible. External resources/inclusions (Google Fonts, CDN-hosted scripts/stylesheets) have been removed and will never be used in projects/websites of my making. However, please do keep in mind you should never, ever trust a single source. Don't take my words as the truth - for all you know I may be lying or this server might be compromised. If truthful information is vital to your cause, always do your own research. And again: never trust a sole source.



h3bBorn out of an absence, h3b resilient platform providing tools for freedom, privacy and decentralization, stripped from trackers, ads, profiling and datamining. Hosted exclusively on OpenBSD, with zero logging, a hardened server configuration, this is the ultimate platform to use hosted tools, without having to sacrifice privacy or going through the effort of kicking a server online.

Located in the Netherlands, the GDPR applies. If the authorities come knocking down the door - the plug is pulled. There is zero intention to comply with gag-orders or to record data. h3b either blasts eavesdroppers and privacy invasion away - or doesn't exist. No compromises!

The first tool that was launched is KO3K3L - the search engine for the privacy minded.

Thank you

This here website and some of the projects wouldn't be possible without some amazing parties and individuals. It is thanks to them

  • Bludit - The content management system powering this website. Flat-file, lightweight - what's not to love?
  • Gonzalo - For his continued and awesome work on NextCloud and its dependencies with the OpenBSD project
  • High5 - The server this website runs on, is hosted with the great folks at High5. They were the first to truly offer OpenBSD-exclusive hosting, with OpenBSD.Amsterdam.
  • My brother - Thank you for your feedback and continued pushing me to achieve higher goals. Your fundamental approach to both privacy and security have been a real drive.
  • OpenBSD - As you ought to know by now, my favorite OS. Thanks to all the developers and the entire community for rocking my life.
  • Peter Hessler - OpenBSD hacker and founder of the Mastodon instance bsd.network. Your Mastodon instance seriously kicks ass and has become one of my favorite ways to spend time. Thank you!
  • Pexels and its authors - Most of the artwork and photo's are obtained through Pexels. Thank you.
  • Roman Zolotarev - A true inspiration. His insights, writings and occasional ramblings are what pushed me to write and share. And he continues to be the number one drive. Roman, you redefine awesome. Thank you!
  • Theo de Raadt - The founder of the OpenBSD project. He has extremely valueable insights, often underrated and continues to be an inspiration.

And logically, a huge thank you to my partner, family and friends, for bearing with me - spending so much time online and working my ass off. You form the foundation of my happiness. Words can't pronounce how grateful I am having you in my life.